2011 Documentaries: Critic’s Favorites

January 9, 2012
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What are the documentaries that critics liked in 2011?  It depends on who you ask. The POV blog has recently uploaded a Best Documentaries of 2011 chart that attempts to track and synthesize information from several critics lists.

We’ve listed the top 10 from the POV chart below with links to the films we currently own or have on order in our catalog:

  1. The Interrupters
  2. Nostalgia for the Light
  3. Project Nim
  4. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
  5. The Arbor
  6. Bill Cunningham New York
  7. Dragonslayer (unreleased)
  8. Senna
  9. Buck
  10. To Hell and Back Again
There are also several others on the list that the library owns including TabloidThunder SoulHow to Die in OregonIf A Tree FallsBombay BeachPage One: Inside the New York TimesJane’s JourneyRestrepoJohn Muir in the New WorldPhil Ochs: There But For FortuneZeitgeist: Moving Forward. Some of these movies just received one mention, so keep in mind that they may have less consensus than others at the top of the list.

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