Privacy & Surveillance Docs

January 23, 2012

A patron recently told us how much they enjoyed the fictional British mini-series The Last Enemy. Set in a future England, the series explores themes of privacy and surveillance. This got us to thinking about documentaries that tackle some of the same issues that we have in our collection. Here’s a list:

  • We Live in Public – Director Ondi Timoner’s look at artist & futurist Josh Harris. The film showcases two experiments by Harris that deal with human surveillance and how people react when they are not allowed privacy.
  • Erasing David – British citizen David Bond tries an experiment to disappear for a month from his life in England, but he also hires two detectives to trail him. Will they catch up to him before the month is through?
  • Big Brother, Big Business – This is a special report produced by CNBC that explores the role of big business in collecting data, and how government can use this data. What are the benefits and risks that surveillance brings?
These issues are also covered within many documentaries about the online world such as Growing Up Online, Digital Nation and Inside the Mind of Google.

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