You’re Never Too Old: Docs About Senior Citizens

May 1, 2013
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Senior citizens are a national treasure. The wisdom and experience that seniors possess can help teach future generations while also keeping them active in the community. These docs show senior citizens who are tackling their twilight years by leading active lives:

youngatheart4Young @ Heart

In Northampton, Massachusetts, a chorus is formed consisting of senior citizens. The twist is that they sing hits by musicians like Coldplay and James Brown. The film follows the chorus as they try to overcome health adversities and get their voices in tune.

beenrichallmylifeBeen Rich All My Life

The Silver Belles are five chorus girls in their aging years who used to dance in 1930s Harlem. Reunited, they perform on stage at the famed Apollo Theater to amazed crowds. They share stories of their past as they face health concerns and try to teach a new generation their dance steps.

thewaywegetbyThe Way We Get By

A group of senior citizens in Maine take on the task of greeting returning troops as they come into the airport at various times throughout the day or night. The film follows three greeters and shows how their service works to better their own lives as they face illnesses and the loss of loved ones.

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