New DVDs: “Only the Young” / “Tchoupitoulas”

June 3, 2013


We recently added “Only the Young” and “Tchoupitoulas” to the DBRL collection. The two films were released as a bundled set by the film company Oscilloscope Laboratories, and they are in our catalog as one record with two separate discs. “Only the Young” played at the True/False Film Festival in 2012, and currently has a rating of 80% from critics at Rotten Tomatoes. “Tchoupitoulas” is the latest film from the Ross Brothers, and it currently has a rating of 88% from ciritcs at Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s a synopsis for the films from our catalog:

“Only the Young” - Presents three teenagers living in a Southern California desert town dominated by foreclosed homes and underpasses, empty swimming pools and skateboard parks. With disarming honesty and wit, the innocent yet rebellious teens navigate friendship and first love.

“Tchoupitoulas” – In this lyrical portrait, three adolescent brothers take us on a lively journey through one immersive night in New Orleans, encountering a vibrant kaleidoscope of dancers, musicians, hustlers, and revelers and introducing us to the people who make the city their home.

Check out the Oscilloscope pages for “Only the Young” and “Tchoupitoulas” for more info.

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